Sound Design


  • PC and console videogame platforms
  • Wireless videogames and ringtones (most platforms)
  • Websites
  • Multimedia
  • Television
  • Video
  • Advertising
  • Third party post-production

Our music composition service ranges from a brief jingle syncing with a website animation to a complete orchestral score (and every genre in between).

Our sound design service ranges from a single sound effect, such as a ‘swoosh’ for a wireless videogame menu application, to an entire atmospheric soundset, such as the sword clashes, cannon fire, battle cries, wind, rain and thunder required to create a convincing environment for an epic console game.

We also provide audio consultancy and solutions to demands such as real-time interactivity and randomised audio playback. We have particular expertise with Microsoft’s solution to non-repetitive audio playback, “Direct Music Producer”.