Studio Recording Services


Eggboy Productions – Studio Recording, Mixing, Remixing and Production  Services

Let us help you make the recording you’ve always wanted. Eggboy Productions offer top-flight studio recording facilities in and around London, the South East and East Anglia, UK. We can track, mix and produce your album and master it to CD, vinyl, or for digital download.  Our prices for tracking, mixing and production are a flat daily rate, or a flat hourly rate depending on your project and the studio you use. Prices range from £xxx.xx to £xxx.xx per day or £xx.xx to £xx.xx per hour. We have access to studios in London, Cambridge and Braintree.

Mixing, remixing and production are carried out in the Egglab using a variety of top quality analogue and digital tools, including an SSL Matrix analogue desk, Pro-Tools, Logic, valve EQs and compressors by TL Audio, effects by Lexicon, TC Electronics, Alesis and Roland. Egglab Studios are priced at £150.00 per day or £25.00 per hour.